Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Medvarsity – Clinical counseling

It is only a myth that one who is from medicine background has only surgeries to do. There are various other areas in medical sector where one can succeed; clinical counseling is one of them. In this accelerated life we hardly get time to enjoy. Most of us feel lonely or lost in this world which is full of responsibilities. Looking at the present scenario there will be a great need of clinical counselors in India. The work of clinical counselor is similar to that of psychologist. Their core job is to diagnose patients with their mental disorders like depression, Agoraphobia, Schizophrenia, Narcolepsy, etc. At the same time, besides mental disorders a clinical counselor also listens to personal issues of a patient and helps him with an alternative solution.

Medvarsity, India’s only online medical college is offering a diploma course in Clinical Counseling. Here the focus of the institute is to bring excellence in students who are either already working as counselors or who are planning a career in this sector. The world class education of Medvarsity also ensures students develop leadership skills and abilities to cater patients in the best possible way. With this specialized diploma course in Clinical Counseling students mark their identity as professional counselors. Medvarsity provide students comprehensive training so that they can theoretically conceptualize sound treatments. After pursuing the course students can plan their career as psychologists, teachers and researchers. Medvarsity always strives to deliver excellence and professionalism to students.

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