Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It’s Time to Live a ‘Sugar-Free’ Life!!

A healthy and disease-free life is something we all desire to have. However, improper eating habits, increased stress levels and unhygienic living conditions have led to several hazardous diseases affecting human life. One such illness is that of Diabetes. This hazardous health problem is a common condition affecting millions of lives. Due to high levels of blood sugar, one undergoes symptoms of fatigue, frequent urination, Blurry vision etc. This deadly disease is affecting several lives across the country. There is an urgent need to treat diabetes urgently before it takes away precious and innocent lives.

Understanding the need for management of Diabetes, Medvarsity offers an enriching study program to aspiring Medical practitioners. This course is specially designed to impart holistic skills and advanced knowledge of Diabetes, its treatments and other related illnesses. Learning at Medvarsity is professional, practical and comprehensive. Thus provides hands on experience of the Global medicine market. In addition, the excellent faculty leaves no stone unturned to nurture professional experts in the field of Diabetes Management and Care.

The certificate course in Management of Diabetes at Medvarsity is affiliated to Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation and thus offers quality par excellence. Ambitious students at Medvarsity graduate with extensive knowledge, enhanced skills and professional exposure of the competitive industry.

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