Thursday, December 8, 2011

Healthy living- it’s All About Physical and Mental Fitness

Staying and living healthy is not a new concept anymore. A lot has been said and done regarding the same. For some staying healthy would involve physical activity, while for some it is eating a balanced diet and for others it is simply meditation and detachment from the material world that defines ‘Being Healthy’. Considering the scientific definition of health, it is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living being. It is freeness from injury, illness or pain be it mental or physical. A healthy person would thus be the one who is both physiologically and psychologically fit. Emphasizing on just one of the two would be inappropriate.

The question still remains how does one keep himself healthy for a happy and disease free life? Here are a few tips that can prove helpful in keeping good health and living a peaceful life. Firstly, based on the golden rule, ‘All work and no play’ makes jack a dull boy’, there is extreme necessity for exercise or some kind of physical outlet for a body that lacks movement. Especially in the corporate sector, life limits itself to computers, laptops and hectic schedules. It thus becomes difficult to take out time to exercise. At least a 30 minute walk in an entire day is a must to keep oneself away from hazardous diseases like Diabetes, heart attacks and many such more. Meditation or some kind of spiritual inclination can do wonders to boost confidence and encourage self esteem contributing to the evolution of a healthy and happy being. So keep happy and content from within, eat appropriate amounts of proteins and vitamins, think positive, exercise daily and improve moods to see yourself as a fit, happy and most importantly a healthy person!

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