Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Measuring Six Sigma Results in the Healthcare Industry

Six Sigma is a quality improvement approach aimed at optimizing processes while reducing defects and costs. It has been developed and is widely used in industry and recently has been introduced, on a limited scale, in healthcare. The principles of Six Sigma & the Healthcare industry are well coordinated as both have a zero tolerance approach for mistakes.

Six Sigma has been used to address many of the most common challenges facing healthcare, including patient safety, technology optimization, market growth, resource utilization, length of stay and throughput. Apart from the financial benefits, Six Sigma made an important contribution to the improvement of quality of healthcare. So are we ready to incorporate Six Sigma in Healthcare sector?

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  1. Six Sigma Certification is another certification that, bit by bit, rises to fame.

    This course is very important since business is what runs within an organization. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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