Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Expanding Scope of Clinical Research in India

Clinical Research basically pertains to the recording and analysis of results obtained from the various stages of testing that are used to analyze the effects of new as well as existing drugs. The study involves the administration of a drug to human subjects, which helps in producing data for the analysis of its effects, side effects, performance in comparison to placebo and the determination of dosage. It is conducted over four phases of clinical trials, and the mass-production of a drug depends on its successful clearance of all the phases.

Pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical & biologics companies have emerged as the major players and employers in this field. While the scope of Clinical Research and vacancies in the same has advanced manifold globally, India has come forth as one of the most sought after hubs for the conduct of clinical trials for a variety of reasons. India not only presents a large pool of patients with diverse needs, but also offers an unmatched combination of excellent infrastructure facilities, favorable changes in Patent laws and cost advantages. This led a McKinsey Report to estimate that by the year 2010 India would have had at least 50,000 job openings in the field.

Given the opportune timing, a course in Clinical Research can flung open doors for you in the Indian as well as global arena. It gives you the liberty to choose from a career in clinical investigation, site coordination, drug development, medical writing, or biostatistics, along with making you a desired candidate for the post of a Manager in any clinical project, clinical operations, clinical research business development, and regulatory affairs and audit.

Opting for an online Fellowship in Clinical Research from Medvarsity equips you with the ability to pursue this course in addition to your regular employment. Medvarsity provides all its students with online study material as well as a CD and printed matter to aid comprehension. You are not only given 6 months of online study at Medvarsity, but also get to gain in-depth insight with a 1-week contact program at one of the most reputed hospitals in India, the Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad.


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