Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Course in Infection control

"Prevention is better than cure” we read and hear this very often, in healthcare industry this rule is followed as a religion. Health professionals daily come in contact with various diseases, thus they should know how to effectively control them. In every healthcare setting, it is important to manage and to stop dispersal of infections. Various harmful diseases like bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A&E, typhoid fever, tuberculosis etc can be dispersed. Thus controlling the rigorous spread of infectious diseases is important. Infections can be spread through patient to patient, patient to doctors and also patient to family members. In order to control the infectious disease the medicine domain demands for a professional who is specialized in this area.

To enter this field and to have a specialized expertise Medvarsity has come up with a specialized Certificate Course in Infection Control for Healthcare Professionals. The course is designed for nurses and other health proficient to ensure safety to patients. The course delivers the expertise to practitioners the axiomatic knowledge on execution of infection prevention and control practice. This develops broad information as they learn the inside out of the occupation. The course also involves practical application of infection control in daily practice. At Medvarsity, the course is of 3 months duration including 1 day workshop at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad. The certificate course in infection control for healthcare professionals aims at bringing a sense of responsibility to control the infectious diseases.

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