Thursday, June 23, 2011

Saving Precious Lives with Effective Management of Cardiac Emergencies

With news pouring in, almost daily, from various sources about someone or the other passing away due to a cardiac arrest, it is not hard to guess the kind of toll this condition is taking on the population of India. Also, the condition no longer seems to be limited to individuals in the older age bracket alone, since various studies suggest a lot of people in their 40s being unable to survive cardiac arrests too. However grave the situation may seem, fact is that most of these cases could have easily be avoided or revived with the help of adequate cardiac emergency measures.

With the rapid change in lifestyle and a mounting amount of stress, today, all individuals have become prone to cardiac arrest. Indians, especially due to their genetic disposition, are most susceptible to falling prey to this condition. However, the health care system in India still needs to cope up with this sudden increase in numbers. A considerable amount of patients are known not to survive the journey from their place to the hospital due to the lack of individuals specializing in handling emergencies related to cardiac arrests and other heart ailments. For this reason, persons with professional training in the effective management of cardiac emergencies are being sought after by the top hospital in the country.

Medvarsity offers MBBS and PG students in Medical Sciences the opportunity to take an online course that offers them in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques that can help save a considerable number of lives on an almost daily basis. The curriculum and guidelines provided for the course have been developed on the foundation of evidence-based knowledge. The course trains students on subjects such as how to approach chest pain, hypertension & hypotension emergencies, cardiac emergency management, how to deal with Ischaemic heart disease, Acute Aortic Disease, Acute Pulmonary Edema, Pulmonary Embolism, approach to cardiogenic shock and more. This six months online course also offers students the opportunity to get hands-on training for one week under the keen guidance of experts at the Apollo Hospitals Group for a better understanding on how to handle practical situations.


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