Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bringing Back the Sweetness in Life with Effective Diabetes Management

Come old age and most people expect to read the word Diabetes in their reports. In fact, for many individuals, Diabetes is something they have to live with from birth. Needles and sugar restrictions have come to be a way of life for many. Factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, junk food and stress contribute only to make the situation worse. With the number of people afflicted by Diabetes rising by the day, it has become imperative for hospitals to dedicate centers of excellence to manage the condition.

Given the above factors, it has become necessary for health care professionals to train themselves on how to best manage and control the condition. While a regular MBBS does acquaint you with the basics of the condition, its causes, types and their diagnosis. The effective management of the condition for life is something that requires specialized study. Medvarsity offers the Certificate Course in Management of Diabetes, which is aimed to equip healthcare professionals with the requisite knowledge and training that will help them enhance the standards of care for people suffering from the condition.

While Diabetes has been accepted by a majority of humanity as a part of life, fact is, that with proper care and timely attention it can be controlled, and in due course the patient can resume his/her consumption of sweets. The course developed by Medvarsity not only helps healthcare professionals gain practical knowledge on how to best manage the condition, but also on the appropriate attitude that will help patients form a positive outlook. The courseware has been designed to empower you with the knowledge that can help respond appropriately to even the most complex situations. Being an online course aimed at healthcare professionals, it has been crafted to provide experience-based learning.

The course material is made available online as well as offline. Students are given printed study material, along with a CD with multimedia-enriched content for better absorption of concepts. The course has been divided into five modules that seek to impart knowledge on: Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus, Management of Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetic Complications, Hospital Care and Gestational Hyperglycemia and Diabetes.

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