Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fellowship in Applied Nutrition

In this accelerated era the work pressure is more and intake of healthy food is less. In order to save time people prefer going for fast food. This has become the habit in working hours of almost everyone. Ultimately this kind of food routine leads to deteriorating health. Fast foods are high in salt, sugar, starch and fats, consumption of which is harmful for health. The trend of fast food is more often in metropolitan cities. Countless people following hectic corporate lifestyles suffer from heart problems, diabetes and various other diseases leading to excess weight. That is where various doctors are consulted. The need for specialized dietitians is always in propriety at every healthcare setup.

Medvarsity, an initiative by Apollo Hospital is offering a dedicated course in applied nutrition. The course is crafted in a manner that it gives a complete understanding of dietary rules to be followed. The itinerary of applied nutrition helps in knowing the need of healthy food and scientifically implementing them. Students learn from the experience of expert practitioners and doctors. With this specialized course students will be able to advice a proper dietary plan for sports people. There are certain patients who need a special attention over their eating practices; they can be helped by such professionals. The Fellowship in Applied Nutrition at Medvarsity is for medical professionals. The course is of 6 months duration including one week contact program which will be conducted at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad. The course prepares healthcare professionals for a thriving career as trained dieticians.

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